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AC Repair & Service in Hoffman Estates, Elgin & Barrington, IL

AC Repair in Hoffman Estates, Elgin & Barrington, IL and the Surrounding Areas

AC Service and Repair on a Lennox Air Conditioner in Elgin IL

Save Time & Money: Get Your AC Repaired With Compass Heating and Air Conditioning

We have been providing AC Repair in Hoffman Estates, Elgin & Barrington, IL for years. Our technicians have combined decades of experience in the heating and air conditioning industry. It is important to know, when one of our technicians arrives at your home you can have the confidence in our ability to quickly diagnose any issue and repair it according to the manufacturer’s requirements. Safe, timely, and affordable repairs is the standard on which Compass Heating and Air Conditioning has been built.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction has certainly been a key component to our success! Don’t take our word for it go to our review section of the website and look for yourself what your neighbors think of the work we’ve done for them. The reason we have flourished and grown over the years is thanks to the quality of our services and the support of our customers. You only get that customer support by earning it one service call at a time.

We Offer Emergency Service

When you need the furnace fixed right Compass Heating and Air Conditioning has the training, tools, and inventory to do the job right the first time. Our company prioritizes emergency service and makes special allowances for the elderly and our military families! People with health issues and children also get our immediate attention. We value each and every customer and opportunity to be of service but there are sometimes special circumstances that present themselves and we do our best to accommodate those situations. Your business means a lot to us and we know we need to earn your trust every time we come to your home.

AC Repairs in Your Home

Compass Heating and Air Conditioning has skilled technicians that have been repairing air conditioning units for years. Our commitment to ongoing training and customer skills is crucial to the success of our company. We take that commitment seriously! When you need a professional AC Repair in Hoffman Estates, Elgin & Barrington, IL, Compass is the company to call. After all, there is nothing quite like top-notch service done in a timely manner.

Hire Professionals to Get Your Heating and Air Conditioning System Repaired

Many people work hard to maintain their homes and aren’t afraid to pull out a wrench when something breaks down. But a smart homeowner is also a person who recognizes when a project is out of their skill set. Working on any HVAC equipment is never a good idea unless you’re a trained professional. The equipment is so complicated today that even trained pros call in to help lines to fix units.

Why Get a Professional?

Do you have the specialty tools needed to monitor the system, make adjustments as needed, and properly diagnose the system? Any mistake in handing the repair could cause a cascading effect of multiple parts getting damaged and it only takes a second! Most people do not have these tools or skills and if you also do not then it’s time to call the professionals at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning. It has been our experience that DIY repairs to HVAC equipment often leads to even more expensive repairs… This is mainly because you may unintentionally damage your system further, during your repair attempt, or look past the actual cause of the part failure; creating a costlier repair.

When it comes to heating and cooling your home it’s simply better to play it safe and look for professional AC service and repair in Hoffman Estates, IL right from the get go. For services that exceed your expectations, call Compass Heating and Air Conditioning today.

Get Your AC Cleaned or Repaired if it Starts Making Strange Noises

When was the last time you had your AC cleaned? The industry recommendation is to have the unit cleaned at least once per year. If you are nursing along an older unit you may want to have it cleaned once in the beginning of the cooling season and then again in the middle of the season in early July. This double cleaning can help keep the unit running in peak condition saving you energy costs and extending the life of the unit. Remember dirty units break down more often than well-maintained units and with AC units the correct Freon levels are critical to efficient operations! Those who do not use their air conditioning units as often only need to clean their ACs once a year.

Fast, Reliable Services

If you notice a strange new sound or rattle, or if your unit has stopped working altogether, don’t wonder what to do, just call Compass Heating and Air Conditioning for fast, reliable service. Unforeseen expenses can sure be frustrating and Air Conditioner repairs are no different. This is why we decided to offer special promotions and discounts to all of our customers. After all, home comfort shouldn’t ruin your budget. When people first install a new air conditioning unit in their home, they really don’t stop and think about repairs that may come in the future. People tend to assume that their HVAC system will keep working flawlessly for years post installation and that sometimes that is the case; especially, when it is maintained correctly.

Preferred Maintenance Program

Whether you have a newer system or nursing “old faithful” along, when your AC decides to stop working it will certainly feel like the hottest days of the year; in that moment your thinking “Why didn’t I get the maintenance done when we had the chance?” If you find yourself in this situation, simply call Compass Heating and Air Conditioning for AC Repair in Hoffman Estates, Elgin & Barrington, IL. We will not only get your air conditioner cooling again, we can help you become part of our preferred maintenance program packed with discounts and other benefits to help maintain your home comfort system and help to prevent it from breaking down again! It is important to know all units will breakdown at some point, but well-maintained units last much longer with fewer repairs needed along the way! We’re here to help!

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