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Four Benefits of Whole-Home Air Purifiers in Elgin, IL

Four Benefits of Whole-Home Air Purifiers in Elgin, IL

Four Benefits of Whole-Home Air Purifiers in Elgin, IL

Do you need a whole-home air purifier for your home? Sure, you’ve gone this long without one. How much of a difference can it possibly make?

The answer is: a lot.

Don’t mistake a heavy-duty appliance that attaches to your HVAC system with those dinky things you can pick up at a drugstore. Those smaller models are usually little more than glorified air filters.

And, for some people, that’s all they need. But, people who suffer from allergies, asthma, or COPD need something better so they can really feel comfortable at home.

Those aren’t the only reasons, either. You can also address cooking and bathroom odors, bacteria, mold, and yes — even viruses.

It sounds like magic, but it’s not. In this article, we’ll use the APCO air purifier as our example. Others on the market work similarly, but we’ve had the most success in Fox River Valley homes by installing these.

So, we’ll see how these whole-home systems work. Then, we’ll look into the specific benefits they offer.

How APCO Filters “Detox” Your Air

Your average one-inch, over-the-counter HVAC filter traps dirt and dust as it passes through. That’s it. A whole-home air purifier does that and way more. It catches everything down to the size of a mold spore or bacteria. Then, instead of letting that junk build up on a screen until you replace the filter, it eradicates, neutralizes, or sterilizes them.

If you were to put a strong filter on your air conditioner or heating system, it could stop air flow and maybe even break the whole system if it isn’t replaced often enough.

The filter itself is built to let the air push through while blocking everything else, but sometimes it’s a hassle to keep up with.

Next, the APCO, in particular, uses advanced photocatalytic oxidation to get rid of all the stuff it catches.

It also uses those words to win at Scrabble. We’ll break down what it means.

Essentially, APCO uses UV-C light to kill off whatever it catches. You know that sunlight is a disinfectant, and that’s in large part because of UV light.

But, the earth’s atmosphere filters out UV-C light. That means microorganisms down here have no defense against it. This light zaps them out right away.

That means your system actively attracts all that stuff to the filter. Then, it eradicates it. This way, there’s no trace of them — and, yes, you can feel the difference.

What are the Benefits of a Whole-Home Air Purifier?

Four big benefits of a whole-home air purifier are that they:

  1. Eliminate Allergens
  2. Sterilize Mold, Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria
  3. Eliminate Bad Odors
  4. Extra Protection With Pets

Eliminate Allergens

An air scrubber can help reduce allergens, bacteria, and viruses in your home or business.

Anyone with seasonal allergies or asthma knows that spring is a miserable time of the year. Once the pollen count goes up, the breathing problems start. Unless, of course, you have an air purifier.

Part of the problem with pollen is that it’s too small for regular filters to catch. Unless you’re cleaning just about every day — and cleaning the right way — that stuff builds up.

As we mentioned, keeping your windows closed means whatever comes in can’t get back out. That makes pollen a big problem. You’ll track it in, and then it builds up.

Plus, it ends up all over the house once it spreads through your HVAC system.

When that happens, all sorts of problems occur. Sneezing, itchy eyes, runny noses, coughing, and trouble breathing are common seasonal allergy symptoms.

And, pollen affects people with asthma, too. Inhaling too much can trigger an attack. But, an air purifier can change that.

First of all, the filter is much finer than the over-the-counter screens. They’re catching much smaller particles — including pollen. And, unlike just filters, they’re doing much more than just trapping them.

Sterilize Mold, Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria

We talked about how that UV-C works. Well, it works amazingly well on all sorts of tiny organisms that cause all sorts of big trouble.

One big problem it eliminates is mold on your AC coils. After all, we all know that mold thrives dark, moist places.

Well, there’s no light inside your air conditioner, but there’s plenty of water. The APCO gets rid of that problem. The same goes for bacteria, viruses, and other tiny organisms that can make you unhealthy.

Eliminate Bad Odors

Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are more than just annoying or embarrassing cooking or bathroom smells. The molecules that cause the smells, VOCs, can affect your health.

Depending on what’s present and how much of it, you can experience anything from irritated eyes, nose, ears, or throat to headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and nausea.

In extreme cases, they’ll cause liver, kidney, or central nervous system damage.

Now, that’s not going to happen because you cook too often with the windows closed. But, those VOCs — and it goes extra if you have pets — can and will build up and start affecting your health.

Even though they’re smells, there are still tiny molecules at the root of the problem. And, the UV-C light gets rid of them.

Extra Protection With Pets

An Air Scrubber can help keep your home free of pet odors.

If you have furry friends at home, then you know that fur gets all over the house. And, it doesn’t stop with your floors, couches, and clothes. It also goes through the vents.

Remember: While you mostly notice air blowing out of the vents, you also have return ducts that suck in the air. They’ll also suck in dirt, dust, and pet fur and dander.

As a result, people with pets should change their air filters much more often than people that don’t. All that excess debris clogs the filter faster. And, you’ll still have more particles that are small enough to pass through the screen.

With an air purifier, you’re filtering that stuff out by clogging up an inch-thick filter that’s not made for a large load. And, you’re eliminating more of the tiny particles, including bacteria, that pass right through an over-the-counter screen.

Whole-Home Air Purifiers in Elgin, Barrington, and East Dundee, IL

If you’d like to learn more about how a whole-home air purifier can clean the air in your home, call or email us at Compass Heating and Air. Starting with an in-person or video conference, we’ll help you find the best solution for your Fox River Valley home.

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