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Quiet Heating Cooling Energy Effficiency Daikin Dual Fuel Schaumburg IL

Quiet Comfort & Energy Efficiency With Daikin Dual Fuel HVAC

Quiet Comfort & Energy Efficiency With Dual Fuel HVAC (Schaumburg, IL)

Problem: The heating and central air in a Schaumburg, IL home needed to be replaced. The homeowner wanted much quieter air conditioning because his old compressor made too much noise in the backyard.

Solution: Installed a Daikin dual fuel system with a whisper-quiet, energy-efficient heat pump and 98% AFUE, variable-speed gas furnace for efficient backup heat.

Our Schaumburg, IL homeowner considered more than just temperature when he thought about his home comfort in the summer. Along with cooling, he also wanted peace and quiet — especially out back behind his house.

The back patio of this classic suburban split-level home served as a meeting place in the summer. Our homeowner loved having barbecues, having people over for a fire pit, and relaxing by himself on the weekend.

The one hitch? The roar of an old air conditioner condenser a few feet away from everyone.

It ruined the ambience of a fire at night. People had to shout over it when they came over. It would even wake up our homeowner sometimes when he napped in his hammock.

So, when it came time to replace their old system, the decibel level of its replacement was his biggest concern.

That wasn’t his only thought, of course. Like anyone else, he’d love to save money on his bills in the summer — and the winter as well if he could.

When he brought all this up during his free consultation, we asked if he knew about Daikin VRV Life and dual fuel hybrid systems. He hadn’t, but once he learned more, he knew it was the solution his home needed!

By converting to a heat pump instead of going with another traditional central air system, he’d cut down on both noise and cost all summer long! It would even handle most of his heating while saving a ton of money in the winter.

This case study covers:

  • Quiet Comfort With A Daikin Heat Pump
  • Energy Efficiency With A Dual Fuel System
  • Installing A Daikin Dual Fuel Heat Pump System In Schaumburg, IL

And, if you’d like to learn more about these systems, call Compass Heating and Air at (630) 504-8688 for your free consultation. We serve Schaumburg, East Dundee, Elgin, and towns across the Fox River Valley.

Quiet Comfort With A Daikin Heat Pump

The Pump Won’t Make Nearly The Amount Of Noise A Traditional System Does

Our first step was addressing our homeowner’s concern about the sound outside. With a small patio, there were only so many places we could place a condenser that would be close enough to the house.

Fortunately, a heat pump doesn’t make nearly as much noise as a condenser. It maxes out at around 60 decibels, which is about as loud as a normal conversation.

By contract, a traditional outdoor AC unit can go as loud as 80 decibels — about the same as a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner.

And, the improvements didn’t stop there.

It’s often a good idea to replace your furnace along with the AC (and vice versa). You get the best performance and energy efficiency (read: savings) when your heating and cooling system match.

That’s when our homeowner decided to take things a step further to upgrade his year-round comfort while lowering his energy bills.

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Energy Efficiency With A Dual Fuel System

A Daikin Furnace Was Also Installed At The Same Time

Today’s heat pumps can keep your home warm even when it’s negative 13 degrees outside. Technology has improved greatly over the last decade. And, they use far less energy than a gas furnace. Then, with a hybrid system, you can still use gas as a backup.

Daikin VRV Life was designed with this in mind. You can mix and match between gas furnaces and central air, ducted heat pumps, and ductless mini split heat pump systems.

Our homeowner realized he could also save a lot of money in the winter by using the same system for heating. However, that negative 13-degree limit concerned him. In other parts of the country, that would be fine. But, not in Illinois.

So, he replaced his old furnace with one that can communicate with the heat pump. Now, if the temperature dips too low, the gas heat kicks on just long enough to support the heat pump. In most cases, it turns on two or three times all winter.

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Heat Pump Efficiency

A heat pump doesn’t require nearly as many resources as a conventional furnace because it doesn’t burn fossil fuel. Instead, it transfers heat from outside into your home. So, it only needs a little bit of electricity to run the motors and move coolant through the system.

Even when it feels cold outside, there’s still some heat out there. And, it’s enough for the system to keep you warm in the house (as long as it’s warmer than negative 13 F, of course).

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High-Efficiency Gas Furnace

The Daikin gas furnace we installed requires much less gas than his old one. The one we replaced had an 80-percent AFUE rating. That means it wasted 20 percent of the gas it used.

The new one is 98 percent, so only two percent of the gas gets lost through exhaust. That’s a huge difference, especially during a cold snap.

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Installing A Daikin Dual Fuel Heat Pump System In Schaumburg, IL

Once our Schaumburg homeowner decided on his Daikin dual fuel heat pump system, we installed it in just 12 hours— and saved him money in the process!

Since the home already used gas heat and central air, all we had to do was take out the old units, put the new ones in their places, and link them to each other.

We also installed a Dakin One+ smart thermostat. It monitors the temperature in different parts of the house and can even make adjustments on its own. Plus, our homeowner can control from just about anywhere by using a phone app.

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Finally, the system meets ComEd’s energy requirements for rebates on efficient equipment. We were able to get our homeowner a $1,675 rebate against the cost of the installation.

If you’re looking for the best options to improve the efficiency and comfort of your Fox River Valley home, click below or call Compass Heating and Air at (630) 504-8688. Starting with a free consultation, we’ll help you decide if Daikin VRV is right for you — and what a customized system for your home could look and feel like.

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