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Uneven Temperatures In The House: How To Troubleshoot & Fix It

Why You Have Uneven Temperatures In The House (And How To Fix It)

In this article, we'll help you better understand why the temperature and comfort levels seem different in different parts of your home, and what to do about it.

Many homes have issues where some rooms seem to be too hot, while others are too cold. Some of these problems can be addressed simply, and others may lead to considering a more permanent solution. Find out why your home isn't evenly comfortable and what you can do about it below.

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Uneven Temperatures In The House: How To Troubleshoot & Fix It

Top Five Reasons For Uneven Temperature In The House

  1. Blocked Vents
  2. One of the first things to do is to look for the vents in your home. Make sure they are free of furniture and clutter, and also make sure the louvers are open. It's easy to accidentally close these vents, or drop a laundry basket or something else on top of them, and that can significantly reduce the air flow and impact the temperature of your rooms. (In some homes, the hot/cool air vent becomes a favorite for pets- so make sure Fluffy is not a source of the problem as well!)

    A blocked air vent can not only keep your room from being as warm or cool as you want, but it will divert the air to other places in your home, making them too hot or too cold. A good habit to get into is to check the vents when you get your HVAC system serviced each year. If there are certain parts of your home you are not using regularly- attic rooms, bedrooms when the kids are off to college- you may want to consider partially shutting the vents in those rooms strategically. This can help to save money by keeping the 'bought air'-as our grandparents used to call it- to where you spend the most time. Fully shutting the vents could cause pressure to build up in the system, so be sure to have your HVAC maintenance team help you with this.

  3. Old Or Faulty HVAC
  4. Most HVAC systems last 15 years or more. If your system is older than that, it may be less efficient than new systems, and could be starting to show its age. This can lead to inconsistent temperatures as well, so be sure to get your system serviced regularly as good maintenance leads to great comfort and fewer repair bills!

    Installing A Daikin Fit System In Elgin
  5. HVAC Is Too Big Or Small
  6. Sometimes an HVAC system is too big or too small for your home. Especially if additional rooms like finished attics, basements or three-season rooms have been added to your home over the years, the HVAC system you started with may now be too small to keep up with all the new finished space.

    If your system is too small for the amount of square footage you are trying to heat and cool, your system will constantly be working hard- and struggling to keep up, leading to increased wear and tear as well as uneven temperatures throughout your home.

    HVAC specialists like the experts here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. know how to size systems properly for your home- including designing systemsthat let you have different zones for heating and cooling areas of your home together- in a way that can make sure you are using energy more efficiently and save you money!

  7. Airflow Problems
  8. Some home styles just don't allow for easy flow of air throughout your home. For example, split level homes are famous for having hot and cold spots- and HVAC systems have a hard time keeping the comfort evenly maintained throughout the home, leading to damp and clammy lower levels and upper floors that end up being hot and stuffy. Likewise, some contemporary homes with interesting roof angles and features are great to live in because there's often a lot of natural light, but the big windows and awkward angles are a nightmare for heating and cooling efficiency.

    One of the best solutions for problems like this is to add zoning and supplemental heating and cooling with a Daikin Ductless or VRV Life system, These super-efficient heating and cooling systems can be designed to create zones of heating and cooling where you need them most, and because they operate on heat pump technology, they can be 70% more efficient than baseboard heating and 30% more efficient in cooling as well!

    You Could Be Experiencing Problems With Your Airflow

    Click here to learn more about a home we helped with these problems in Fox River Valley.

  9. Ductwork Limitations
  10. Sometimes, the ductwork in your home might not be adequate to distribute air throughout your home evenly. For example, in split level homes, the ductwork has to work across multiple levels and sometimes takes tight turns, and these constrictions of ductwork means decreased air flow, just like a kink in a hose slows water flow. Making sure your ductwork is clean and set up to properly reach every level of your home will make sure you have more even temperatures.

    Since it's really difficult and expensive to try to solve ductwork problems, a much better solution may be supplemental heating and air conditioning with Daikin mini-split and VRV life systems which can create new zones of heating and cooling where you need them most- permanently solving these problems while bringing you the comfort you've always wanted. And as we've mentioned before, these systems are high-efficiency heat pumps that can really help you reduce your energy bills as well!

How Heat Pump Technology Gets RId Of Uneven Room Temperatures

Daikin FIt Heating And Cooling

The biggest benefit of heat pumps like the Daikin Fit and VRV Life systems is that they are designed to monitor both the temperature and humidity in your home, and help you control both. With state of the art sensors and inverter technology, the systems are designed to consistently monitor the heat and humidity in your home, and make the small adjustments needed to maintain that comfort level.

This means no more big rattling of the whole home when your heating system roars to life in order to try to 'catch up' after you've been gone for the day and your home is just cold when you get home at the end of a long day, or your home's a sauna and the air conditioning never seems to catch up during heat waves. Daikin's system is designed to use energy super-efficiently and maintain comfort throughout your home, so you rarely even have to adjust your thermostat!

A Daikin Mini Split System Heats And Cools Every Room Independently

Even better, Daikin Fit systems are super quiet- so quiet, you wouldn't mind having the whole outdoor unit on a deck or patio- it runs at 56 db or less! This means you can also leave windows open, and never have to worry about the noise of a compressor waking you up or drowning out conversation!

Daikin Ductless Heating

Daikin Fit, VRV, and Ductless Installation In Pingree Grove, IL

Compass Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. offers free consultations for Daikin Fit, VRV, and ductless installations In Pingree Grove, IL. If you are looking to get rid of the hot and cold spots in your Fox River Valley home and want to be comfortable all the time, no matter where you are in your home, give us a call.

We can set up a meeting with our HVAC Experts, and we can help you diagnose your current temperature problems, and suggest ways we can help you solve the problem, big or small. Your family’s comfort hangs in the balance. Contact us today.

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