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Expert Furnace Replacement Carpentersville, IL | Compass Heating And Air

Furnace Replacement Carpentersville, IL | Compass Heating & Air

Compass Heating and Air has provided expert, reliable furnace replacement in Carpentersville, IL for over a decade. We’re well-known for helping homeowners find the perfect system for their home — and for installing it right the first time. Call (630) 504-8688 for your free consultation.

Even if your furnace has not broken down for good, you may benefit from an early upgrade! An older system that needs more repairs each year only costs you extra money. And, it’s probably using more gas to do the job. Meaning you’re paying more each month.

With a new system, you’ll get better comfort and lower bills all winter. That’s not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing your new system can handle the coldest days Illinois can throw at it.

Call us today at Compass Heating and Air if you’re considering a new furnace! Starting with a free consultation, we’ll help you choose the best new unit for your home, your family, and your budget. You can reach us at (630) 504-8688. Or, click below to schedule an appointment.

Four Reasons To Get A New Furnace

Should you get a new furnace even though your current one is still working? If yours is more than 15 years old, the benefits of a replacement include:

  1. Better energy efficiency
  2. Better comfort with lower bills
  3. A new warranty for ten years or more
  4. Peace of mind and fewer repairs each winter

Read more in our article here. Or, call Compass Heating and Air at (630) 504-8688 for a free consultation about the heating system in your Fox River Valley Home.

Rising Energy Bills Could Be A Sign Your Furnace Needs To Be Replaced

Which Is Better: A Heat Pump Or A Furnace?

A heat pump is better than a furnace in terms of energy efficiency and performance. If you go with a heat pump, you’ll pay less for your heating and cooling all year. And, many people consider them to provide better comfort than a conventional furnace.

That said, there are two drawbacks to consider: Upfront cost and the coldest an Illinois winter night can get.

You’ll pay more upfront for a heat pump versus conventional HVAC. But you can also apply for rebates from ComEd for energy-efficient heating and cooling. And, you’ll recoup those costs over time, thanks to lower energy bills.

Today’s strongest heat pumps can keep your home warm even when it’s negative 14 degrees F outside. But, Carpentersville winters can get colder than that sometimes.

So, there may be times in the middle of the night when your system can’t keep warming up the house. There’s never a big enough drop in temperature during the day to affect some people. For others, a dual-fuel hybrid system addresses those frigid temperatures.

Is a heat pump vs. a furnace the right choice for your Fox River Valley home? We can help you decide! Call Compass Heating and Air at (630) 504-8688 for a free consultation.

Should You Replace A Furnace Before It Breaks?

In many cases, you’ll actually get the most out of your investment in a furnace by replacing it before it breaks. You should consider this if:

  1. You’re calling for repairs more often
  2. Some rooms don’t get warm enough
  3. Your energy bills get higher each winter
  4. Your system is more than 15 years old

Now, just one of these isn’t a reason to replace a system. But, if you notice more of these popping up in your [town] home, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

The benefits of a new furnace include a new warranty — most systems older than ten years are no longer covered. Plus, today’s furnaces are much more energy-efficient. So, you’ll see a drop in your energy bills even if you don’t get a more efficient model.

Still, it’s a delicate balance to find just the right time to replace your heating system. If you’re not sure, call Compass Heating and Air at (630) 504-8688. Starting with a free consultation, we’ll help you make the best choice for your home, your family, and your budget.

Local Spotlight: The Fox River Trail

The Fox River Trail

You can walk right out of suburbia and into a beautiful, pristine, wooded wonderland right here in Carpentersville! The 44.6-mile Fox River Trail runs along the river from Aurora to Algonquin. Here, you can walk, jog, run, bike, or in-line skate along the waterway.

The trail also features fishing, horseback riding, and cross-country sleeping, depending on where you access it. You can learn more about the many amenities here and here.

If You Go:

One of the most accessible places to enter the Fox River Trail in Carpentersville is the Fox River Shore PReserve on Williams Road between Lake Marian Road and Lake Shore Drive. Use 701 N. Williams Road, Carpentersville, IL 60110 in your GPS.

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