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Furnace Repair In Downers Grove, IL

Compass Heating and Air is the best in Downers Grove, IL for furnace repairs. Over the past ten years, we have installed and repaired furnaces in homes throughout Fox River Valley. If your furnace is giving you trouble, give us a call at (630) 504-8688, or click on the link below to contact us online.

Repairing a major appliance like your furnace affects your home comfort and energy bills. If you have a job done poorly, your home will stay cold, and your energy bills will go through the roof! Not when it comes to a repair from Compass Heating and Air.

We’ll send out a technician to assess the problem and then tell you the best solution for your furnace. If you have any issues, get on it sooner rather than later. Give us a call at 630) 504-8688, or click on the link below to contact us online.

Furnace Repair In Downers Grove, IL | Compass Heating And Air

Four Weird Smells From Your Heater (And What They Mean)

If you notice a weird smell coming from your furnace, it’s probably something you should take care of quickly. Here are a few of these smells and what they mean:

  1. Skunk or Rotten Eggs: This could mean a gas leak. You need to shut your system off and call an expert.
  2. Burning Dust: This is very normal when you first turn it on, but there could be an issue if it persists. Possible a filter change is needed.
  3. Melting Rubber: This could be a component in your system overheating. If this is a very evident smell, you should call an expert to check it out immediately.
  4. Pets: This could just be buildups of hair in your vent registers. Make sure you clean up around your furnace and in the vent registers around your home.
Weird Smells Coming From Your Heating System Could Be A Sign Of Larger Problems

How To Fix Hot And Cold Spots In Your Home

Do you have rooms that are too cold in the winter? Do you ever wonder if there’s a ghost in your house when you pass through a spot in a large room that’s freezing even when other areas are okay? Do you dread putting your feet on a cold floor on winter mornings?

Unfortunately, hot and cold spots, or uneven heating, are common in many homes with traditional forced-air and ductwork systems. That’s especially so if you have three floors, high ceilings, or large rooms.

Today, there’s a way to fix all that — and make your entire home more comfortable and energy-efficient at the same time!

With a Daikin VRV Life or mini split system, you can customize the comfort in every room of your house. Imagine setting the temperature in each part of your home to a different temperature. Or making them all the same for the most comfortable, “even” heating and cooling you’ve ever felt.

Check out our learning library or listen to this podcast episode to learn more. If you have questions about your Fox River Valley home, you can always call us for a free consultation at (630) 504-8688.

Can You Repair A Cracked Heat Exchanger?

No reputable HVAC can or will repair a cracked heat exchanger. It’s designed as a single, solid piece, so there’s nothing to reattach or fasten. Even with a patch, it’s likely to crack again, which can cause deadly carbon monoxide to leak out and build up in your home.

Additionally, the heat exchanger is located deep within the furnace. So, it takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money to disassemble the system, replace or repair it, and then put it all back together.

For these reasons, a cracked heat exchanger almost always means you need a new system. But, you can read up on how to avoid this problem and how to not fall for a scam.

Local Spotlight: Barth Pond

A delightful oasis in the middle of town, Barth Pond in Patriots Park is a 5.8-acre pond constructed in 1978. Originally envisioned as a stormwater detention facility, it’s now also a popular fishing spot. You’ll find it among the trails and greenery in Patriots Park.

If You Go

Barth Pond is located at 55th Street and Grand Streets between Fairview Avenue and Fairmount Avenue. It’s open from dawn to dusk. Patriots Park is 27.4 acres overall with trails, picnic areas, a playground, and more.

Barth Pond Is A Beautiful Spot To Spend The Afternoon
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