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Ductless Mini Split: Year-Round Comfort in Bartlett, IL Sunroom

Year-round comfort in Bartlett, IL sunroom.

Our homeowners in Bartlett, IL had converted their garage into a family room and sunroom. And, they called us to add the finishing touch so they can use it year-round: A ductless mini split system.

This split-level home near the Hawk Hollow Golf Course had a two-car garage that our homeowners had converted to a family room and a sunroom. The rooms had gas wall heaters for heat but no air conditioning whatsoever.

The gas heaters worked in the winter - well, sort of. It still got chilly sometimes. But, the lack of cooling left the rooms uncomfortable and almost unusable in the summer.

Problem: A converted garage space and sunroom needed year-round comfort.
Solution: Created two zones of Mitsubishi Electric Hyper Heat ductless mini split. This setup provides the homeowners with year-round comfort and makes the family room and sunroom their favorite spots in the house!

How ductless heating and cooling works

Ductless heating and cooling systems have two main components. First, here’s an outdoor condenser unit. Inside are air handlers that can be wall-, ceiling- or floor-mounted.

Because the systems come in two main parts, they are sometimes called “mini-splits.” The outdoor unit can power up to eight individual indoor units. And, each indoor unit creates a separate zone of comfort.

The outdoor unit can power up to eight individual indoor units.

Adding a ductless mini split to a sunroom and converted garage

When we came out to the home, we could see immediately that a Mitsubishi ductless mini split would provide them with the year-round comfort they wanted. And, it would save them money on energy bills.

Mitsubishi Electric Hyper Heat systems are incredibly efficient heat pump systems. They work even when it’s -13F or over 100F.

And, they provide heating and cooling from one unit. This way, you get perfect comfort without requiring separate systems.

In this home, we recommended a four-way, flush-mounted ceiling cassette in the family area in the converted garage.

This way, the heating and cooling would be evenly distributed throughout the room. And, the unit is barely visible.

For the sunroom, we needed to accommodate all the windows. It became clear that the best solution was a unit mounted on the wall close to the floor.

This air handler could be tucked conveniently out of the way. And, we could use the minimal amount of lines and give each room the comfort they needed, while also providing a great look at the same time.

Example of a wall mounted indoor air handler in the sunroom.

Heating and cooling in a split level home

Split level homes, like this one in Bartlett, IL are notorious for having heating and cooling issues. Because of the different levels in the home, air doesn’t always circulate well. You tend to get hot and cold spots.

If you crank up the heat to make the lower floors comfortable, the top levels are sweltering. Conversely, to keep the main spaces cool in the summer, the rest of the home becomes a refrigerator.

Or, people simply decide that summer means sweating.

Best of all, these Mitsubishi Electric units are incredibly quiet. They operate at only 22 decibels, which is literally whisper-quiet.

Even in the most intense heat of summer or coldest days in winter, the units will provide the comfort everyone wants.

And, they don’t have to turn up the TV or speak more loudly into the phone so that they can hear themselves over the air conditioning.

Example of a four-way, flush-mounted ceiling cassette in the family area in the converted garage.

Saving money with a mini split

Mitsubishi mini split systems use an incredibly efficient inverter system that helps extract heat and moisture from the air. They adjust both the temperature and humidity in your home to the exact levels you need. And, they help you save money thanks to the technology behind them.

Thanks to state-of-the-art sensors, the indoor units monitor your room continually. Then, they make small adjustments as needed, using as little energy as possible.

They also distribute the hot or cold air evenly throughout a room. That gets rid of the hot and cold spots you get with other supplemental heating or cooling solutions.

The added efficiency of this system meant that our homeowners also qualified for rebates of $1,400 through ComEd. That makes this energy-efficient upgrade to their comfort even more affordable.

With the addition of these two separately adjustable Mitsubishi systems, our homeowners will finally get the year-round comfort they deserve, while also saving significant money on energy bills.

If you have a bonus room, converted space, or a sunroom that just isn’t comfortable at certain times of the year, give us a call here at Compass Heating and Air Conditioning.

As Mitsubishi Diamond contractors, we offer an extended 12-year warranty on all systems for additional peace of mind.

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