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Ductless Panel Adds Silent, Efficient HVAC to New Addition in Wheaton, IL

Our homeowners in Wheaton, IL made some exciting changes to their home. They added a new living room to the back of their ranch in the Scottsdale subdivision of their town. It looks great, with pitched ceilings and large windows. And, the finishing touch was ductless heat and air conditioning.

After contacting Compass Heat and Air Conditioning, he decided to go with a state-of-the-art solution that would give him great climate control with less of an impact on his energy bills than other options.

Problem: A homeowner in Wheaton, IL was building an addition with high ceilings to his house. He needed to add heating and cooling to it.

Solution: Installed a Mitsubishi ductless heat and air conditioning system with an outdoor unit and deluxe indoor wall-mounted air handler with iSee sensor.

Adding heating and cooling to an addition

This ranch has forced air heat in it. It uses ductwork and vents to circulate the air. But, of course, there was no ductwork leading to the new room. So, our homeowner had a few options for heating and cooling the new addition.

An important consideration was the high ceilings. These tend to trap heat above people’s heads. That makes climate control a little tricky, and sometimes more expensive. A lot of the warm air a furnace pumps in ends up near the ceiling. And, an air conditioner has to use more energy to handle the extra space in the room.

With that in mind, our homeowner considered using a small gas furnace for the colder months. Then, he’d tap into his existing central air conditioner for cooling.

To do so, he’d have to add extra ductwork to the existing system in the house. Then, he’d cut out spots for vents in the room. However, this room would require additional work.

To lose as little hvac power as possible, he’d have to run the ducts as low as possible. That way, the room would get treated in the winter as the warm air moved toward the ceiling. And, the ac would cool the bottom of the room before the top.

But, adding ductwork on its own is expensive. And, it can change the look and feel of a room. After all, the ducts have to go somewhere. Finally, our homeowner would need to install the vents on the floor. That’s another challenge since the room is built on a concrete slab.

He considered portable options. He could use space heaters and portable conditioners for instance. But, these would look ugly in his beautiful, new room. And, they’d use more energy and provide less climate control than permanently-installed products.

Fortunately, we had a much better solution.

Ductless air conditioning and heat in a room with high ceilings

A Mitsubishi ductless heat and air conditioning system provides the powerful heating you’d get from a central system. However, it doesn’t require the time and expense of building and installing ductwork. And, they are designed to work from high up on a wall, over people’s heads. That makes it an excellent choice for a room with high ceilings.

Mitsubishi’s system, sometimes called mini-splits, consist of two parts. There’s an outdoor condenser using heat pump technology providing the heat and cooling. Inside are wall-mounted panels that circulate the air. They’re sometimes called heads or cassettes.

The two are connected by piping. This is small, flexible plastic tubing that runs through the walls. It attaches to the back of the panel, where you don’t see it at all.

A single condenser can power multiple indoor units if necessary. Each panel operates independently. That creates separate zones of heating and cooling. That way you can add climate control exactly where you want it most.

The heads can be adjusted easily by a handheld remote. You can also opt for a Kumo cloud controller. With this device, you can control them from virtually anywhere with a smartphone app.

In this room, we mounted the panel just above a window. It’s near the corner where the low point of the pitched ceiling meets the wall. That spot is mostly out of the way. We also considered the layout of the room. It’s not direct eye-line of anyone sitting on the couches.

Mini-split heat and air conditioning is whisper-quiet

One of the biggest deciding factors on choosing a mini-split was how quiet it is. Our homeowner preferred a heating and cooling system for the new addition that was out of sight and out of mind.

We mentioned how our installers found a great spot in the room for the panel. It’s in a corner where people’s eyes aren’t drawn to it. The other advantage is that it’s virtually silent.

Mitsubishi air handlers are whisper-quiet even when running on full blast. The loudest sound it produces is less than 22 decibels. That’s softer than leaves rustling or people whispering.

Saving energy and money better heating and cooling

The new mini-split air conditioning and heat system in this Wheaton ranch provides excellent, flexible climate control. The mini-split also helps our homeowners save money on their energy bills.

The mini-split has a state-of-the-art iSee sensor that measures temperature and humidity. This component continually measures the temperature and humidity in the room. It also detects if people are present or not. When people enter the room, it adjusts from a power-saver mode to a higher setting.

Next, the panel uses super-efficient inverter technology to adjust the temperature. It does so with a variable speed motor.

That’s different from older systems that only have two settings: on and off. With inverters, the panel can run at various speeds. This way, it doesn’t need to click on and off a lot. Instead, it works like cruise control on a car, coasting with just the right amount of power.

As a result, they use less electricity than the forced air system, and certainly less than portable space heaters and air conditioners. Plus, the heads last longer because they’re not switching on and off all the time.

Best of all, as Elite Diamond dealers and contractors, we offer a full twelve-year warranty on Mitsubishi installations. Now, this family has both year-round comfort and peace of mind.

Are you adding hvac in the new addition to your home? Contact us, and we’ll design a system that’s perfect for your home and budget.

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