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Daikin VRV: Energy-Efficient, Single-Utility Comfort in Crystal Lake, IL

Can you significantly reduce the amount of energy your home uses for heating and cooling without making it less comfortable? Our homeowners in Crystal Lake, IL wanted to find out. As their old furnace showed signs of wear, they looked into ways to get off natural gas altogether and finally get rid of those old energy-guzzling window air conditioners.

At Compass Heating and Air, we’re big supporters of energy independence, and we believe it starts from the ground up. So, we were excited to help these homeowners overhaul and improve their home comfort while conserving energy.

After talking with these Crystal Lake homeowners, we toured the house to get an idea of the layout, air circulation, and other factors that affect how the home gets heated and cooled. Then, we talked strategy.

In the end, our homeowners went with a Daikin VRV Life heat pump system with additional backup electric heat. And, they added an AprilAire air cleaner to improve indoor air quality.

    In this case study, we’ll go over:

  • How Daikin VRV Technology Conserves Energy
  • Pairing A Heat Pump With Backup Heating
  • More Benefits Of Daikin VRV Heat Pumps
  • How AprilAire Air Cleaners Improve Indoor Air Quality

Problem: Homeowners in Crystal Lake, IL, wanted to get rid of their natural gas furnace and add air conditioning to their home. They wanted an energy-efficient option that would conserve energy without sacrificing comfort.

Solution: Installed a Daikin VRV Life heat pump system with backup electric heat and an AprilAire purifier. The heat pump and air handlers deliver heating and cooling at a fraction of conventional HVAC costs.

How Daikin VRV Technology Conserves Energy

The new cornerstone of this Crystal Lake, IL home’s heating and cooling system is the Daikin VRV Life heat pump with VRV air handlers inside the house. It warms and cools the home much better than what they had before, and it uses less energy to do the job. It does this by:

  • Eliminating Hot And Cold Spots
  • Using Variable Speeds

Eliminating Hot And Cold Spots

The air handlers use sensors and small fans to find and treat each room’s hot and cold spots. This, combined with the even, steady circulation in each room, gets the job done faster and better than conventional HVAC.

Using Variable Speeds

The biggest difference here is inverter technology. In other words, the heat pumps can run at multiple speeds, not just “On” or “Off” like a conventional furnace. As a result, it spends most of the day running in a low-power mode that maintains the temperature you want.

The outdoor condenser is slim and easily fits against the wall.

A regular furnace only turns on when the temperature has drifted a few degrees from your thermostat setting. Then, it runs at full blast until the temperature swings in the other direction. The constant high-power correcting uses way more energy than a system that works a little all the time to keep things steady.

Pairing A Heat Pump With Backup Heating

Heat pumps gather what little heat, or thermal energy, is available outside in the winter. Then, it amplifies that energy through a compression procedure until it’s strong enough to heat your house.

Even when it’s freezing cold out, there’s at least some heat out there — and, in most cases, that’s all a heat pump needs. But, there’s still a bottom to all that, and for most of them, that’s negative 13 degrees Fahrenheit.

And, while it’s not a concern for most of the country, a Fox River Valley winter can see lows dip below that number.

For those rare occasions, we installed a backup resistive electric heating system — basically like old baseboard heaters, only with improved technology and capabilities — throughout the house.

These use a lot more power than the heat pump. But, they rarely turn on. During the few times when it gets colder than -13 out, the VRV Life system automatically switches to the resistive heating. Then, it goes back to the heat pump once the temperature rises again

More Benefits Of Daikin VRV Heat Pumps

    Daikin VRV Life does more than provide comfort while conserving energy. More benefits of this heat pump system are:

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Heating And Cooling
  • Customization

Whisper-Quiet Operation

For our homeowners used to the constant roar of a clunky old window AC in the summer and the rushes of air through the vents in the winter, the whisper-quiet air handlers were an outstanding improvement! Even when they’re sitting quietly and reading, there’s virtually no sound in the room.

Heating And Cooling

The Daikin system cools the home just as well as it heats it — that’s to say, great! The entire house is comfortable, and there’s barely a blip on the electric bill in the summer.


Finally, our homeowners have much more control over their comfort than ever before. Each air handler has a built-in thermostat. So, they all work independently to heat or cool the area where they are located.

As a result, each room reaches the temperature they want — a significant improvement over one thermostat trying to account for all the different temperatures across the house.

How AprilAire Air Cleaners Improve Indoor Air Quality

The final touch for this home was an AprilAre air cleaner for indoor air quality. These are much stronger than any portable, plug-in model you can buy off the shelf. They use strong filters and UV light to eliminate germs, mold, smells, and even viruses.

We worked with our homeowners to design a setup that would treat the entire home, not just one room at a time.

Daikin VRV Heat Pump Installation In Crystal Lake, IL

Better home comfort shouldn’t mean higher energy bills. Call or email Compass Heating and Air for a free consultation, and we’ll help you design an energy conservation strategy that’s perfect for your home. We’ll also help you decide if a Daikin VRV heat pump system is the right choice for your home in Crystal Lake, IL, or anywhere in the Fox River Valley.

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