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Four Ways Your Air Conditioner Can Save you Money

Four Ways Your Air Conditioner Can Save you Money in Elgin, IL

Four Ways Your Air Conditioner Can Save you Money

An energy-efficient air conditioner takes a solid chunk out of the money you pay every month on your electric bill. The best option is a ductless system that gives you the control of portable units with the strength of central air, but uses much less electricity than both those options.

If that sounds too good to be true, it was — maybe 20 years ago.

Ductless heat pump air conditioning systems like these have improved in leaps and bounds over the last few decades. The models out today work just as well, and usually better, than central air.

And, they use less energy to get the job done. That means paying much less on your electric bill each month. And the savings don’t stop there.

In this article, we’ll outline four ways the right air conditioner can save you money. But first, we’ll take a quick look at how these systems deliver quiet, comfortable, affordable cooling.

How does Daikin Ductless Cooling Work?

The Daikin Ductless has been developed and honed for years!

Daikin ductless cooling uses a mini split system with air handlers in your home and a heat pump outside. The air handlers draw in warm air from the house, sending the heat, or thermal energy, out to the heat pump, which dumps the heat outside.

These two components are connected by a line that carries refrigerant fluid, or coolant, in a closed loop that runs between them. The coolant is what transports the heat.

When the thermal energy warms up the refrigerant, it evaporates and travels as a gas to the heat pump. When that unit releases the heat, the coolant condenses and goes back to the air handler. The system also dehumidifies the air so it’s not “sticky,” and feels even cooler.

That’s the quick version, and you can read a more in-depth explanation here. But, we wanted to explain it briefly so that the benefits we go into next make more sense.

Four Ways a Daikin Ductless Air Conditioner Can Save You Money

Thanks to their advanced technology, Daiken ductless air conditioners save you money by using less energy to do the job. This impacts your wallet in four ways:

  1. Using less power to run the system
  2. Cooling faster and more efficiently
  3. Earning you rebates and tax credits
  4. Using less heat in the fall and spring

Let’s see how each of these breaks down.

Using less power to run the system

Daikin ductless heating and cooling uses inverter technology to reduce the amount of electricity you use to cool your home.

Figure that your central air cycles on and off a few times every hour. This process requires a lot of power because it’s always correcting the temperature, not maintaining it.

When it starts getting hot, your system cools things back down. That means firing up and adding wear and tear to all the moving parts. Then, it’s working hard to change the temperature.

Instead, inverter technology keeps the temperature inside the same all the time. The air handlers run mostly in low-power mode. They maintain the temperature by tiny adjustments constantly.

It works a lot like cruise control in your car. You know that you use less gas on the highway then when you’re stopping and starting at traffic lights and stop signs.

Your car needs more gas to regain speed each time. With cruise control, the computer knows the exact amount of power you need to maintain that constant speed.

Inverter technology uses those same principles to use less electricity while making your home more comfortable.

Cooling Faster and More Efficiently

Daikin can fit perfectly anywhere around your home.

Already, the ductless system uses much less power than traditional air conditioners. Then, the air handlers add an extra layer of efficiency to the process.

Your system needs to cool the area before it can go to the low-power mode or shut off completely. The faster it does that job, the quicker it can switch to using less electricity.

The air handler uses sensors that don’t only take the temperature in the room. They also locate hot spots within the room — areas where cooling usually takes the longest to reach.

Then, specialized fans direct the cooled air to blow right into those spots. That means that not only is your home more comfortable. It also becomes more comfortable faster.

When that happens, you’re using less electricity to get the effect you want.

Earning Rebates and Tax Credits

Saving money with a ductless mini split starts before you even turn it on. Since they are Energy Star-certified, you’re eligible for money back from the federal government and state-level environmental programs. Depending on what you buy and where you live, you can take a few hundred dollars or more off the sticker price.

Starting in 2020, the federal government renewed tax credits for homeowners who installed energy-efficient appliances. In some cases, you can pay $500 less on your taxes when you show that you installed a Daikin ductless mini split.

Locally, ComEd offers rebates and incentives for cost-saving appliances that use less electricity than other models. It sounds funny that your electric company encourages you to use less power, but it’s true.

When you combine that with your lower electric bills, pretty soon these systems pay for themselves through lower bills each month.

Using Less Heat in the Fall and Spring

In the cold weather, your heat pump also works the other way: Drawing heat from outside and sending it inside through the air handlers. The heat pump uses a compressor to use even a tiny bit of thermal energy and amplify it enough to keep you warm.

Some Daikin models are strong enough to replace a furnace. But, models made for air conditioning can also provide enough supplemental heat for the early fall and late spring. That means not running your gas- oil- or electricity-guzzling furnace nearly as much.

Daikin Ductless Mini Split Installations in Elgin, IL

Are you looking for ways to make your home in Elgin, Barrington, or anywhere in the Fox River Valley, more comfortable in the summer -- while saving money? If so, call or email us here at Compass Heating and Air for a free consultation.

We’ll learn about what you’re looking for and assess your home’s air conditioning needs. We can do it in person or virtually, and then begin putting together a customized system that’s perfect for your home.

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