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AC Services in Hoffman Estates, Elgin & Schaumburg, IL and the Surrounding Areas

Air conditioning equipment needs a professional tune-up once a year. A properly maintained system operates more efficiently and quieter, prevents 50% less AC repairs and saves 20% to 45% from total energy costs. Our certified technicians are available to our valued customers to with multiple AC Services – including, diagnosing corrective repairs for all brands of heating and Air Conditioning systems. Installing a new air conditioning and heating system can be a huge step towards making your home and family much more comfortable. To request an estimate or schedule a service appointment, call us today!

In the Midwest, many homeowners experience hot and humid temperatures throughout the summer months—which is why an efficient and well-functioning air conditioner is crucial! Although Air Conditioner breakdowns don’t happen often, they do happen. Especially if your Air Conditioner system has not had a AC maintenance check in the past year, your Air Conditioning unit could break down. If your air conditioner isn’t producing cool air, is making strange noises, or is running inefficiently, it’s important to call give us a call to schedule a repair time today.

When our AC Service technicians come out for the repair work, they will help you determine if the repair costs begin to rise and indoor comfort is compromised and may recommend you consider an AC replacement. Homeowners with AC systems that are more than ten years old may benefit considerably from the purchase of a new, efficient air conditioning system. In fact, replacing a 10 SEER air conditioning unit installed in the early 2000s with a modern 16 SEER system can save up to 60 percent on annual air conditioning costs.

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